GREEN TECH - Dealership

How can we take up the Dealership for Green Tech ?

First , please study the details , Understand the Product , Technology , Applications , Market , Business Potential in your Area for each item . You may also buy & test the Product , Confirm the Performance and Develop the Confidence before taking a decision. Then Finalize / Decide on the area you want to Operate , the Investment you can afford and Your Ability To Market the Product Successfully in your Territory. We will then visit you to discuss and Finalize the Agreement. Put the Right People / Team to Market and Sell the Product. You will get Good Support from us in all areas.

How is the Margin for the Product ?

It will depend on the Investment and the level of Dealership. Nevertheless the Margins are in the range of 25 to 30 % for the Dealers. Your Profitability will depend on the Business Volumes generated by you , Final Selling Prices , How fast you Rotate your Stocks and Manage your Marketing & Sales Costs.

What Support do you give ?

We will give Product & Marketing Support which includes Briefing you about the Market Segments , Applications , Performance , Testing Procedure , Marketing Techniques , Pricing Structure , Selection of your Sales Team , Training , Demos , Meeting with Important Clients, Trial Process , Market Promotions, etc

What do you expect from a Dealer ?

We expect you to Put in your Best Efforts & Achieve the Targets set by us, be Honest & Truthful to your Clients , Respect the Green Tech Brand , Avoid Mis-use / Abuse of the Product or Brand or its Applications , Not Adopt Unfair Means or Practices to Market or Sell Green Tech , Build the Green Tech Business & Brand in your Area of Operation , Take Pride in Representing Green Tech , etc.

In case we are not able to Sell the Product , will you take back the Stocks and Reimburse the Money ?

No. But we will help you to divert the stocks to another dealer or client in some other location. This may take time and will be totally at our Discretion.

Will we have Monthly , Quarterly & Yearly Targets ?

Yes. Business Targets will be Fixed in Consultation with you. As a Dealer for a Specific Area / Territory , we expect you to Put in your Best Efforts to Achieve the Targets and Build the Green Tech Business in your Territory.

Will there be any Dealership Agreement ?

There will be a Simple Agreement with the Region / State / Area Distributor/ Dealer which lists out the Terms and Conditions of the Contract where everything that we have discussed and Agreed will be highlighted. It includes a Termination ( for the Distributor ) and Exit ( for the Client ) Clause also.

*** Please note that NIVEDA GREEN or Moletech International , Taiwan will not take Responsibility for any Damage - Direct / Consequential or Collateral - or Compensate for any Injury / Losses to Human Life , Environment , Vehicle , Equipment , Machinery , Process , Business Eco System ,etc due to Ignorance , Lack of Knowledge , Negligence , In-Competency ,Wrong Commitments to Clients , Unfair or Dis-honest Methods / Means to Boost Green Tech Business , Mis – Use or Abuse of Green Tech Fuel Saving Technology , Brand, Devices , Modules , Systems or its Applications.