GREEN TECH - Frequently Asked Questions - FAQs

What is Green Tech ?

Green Tech is the Brand Name for Petrol / Diesel / LPG / PNG Saving Devices Developed , Marketed & Sold by Moletech International , Taiwan.

How Do they Work ?

The Devices use Advanced Nano Fuel Molecule Enhancing Technology which Disperses / Scatters / Segregates Fuel Molecule Clusters in to Nano Fuel Molecules thereby increasing the Surface Area for Chemical Reaction with Oxygen for More Efficient Burning / Combustion or Oxidation Process.

Have they been Tested and Certified by any International Agency ?

The Product has been Tried , Tested , Validated & Certified by several Reputed International Organizations like CE , SGS ,ROHS , TUV , ISO , etc. The Technology is Patented in 8 To 10 Countries which includes US, UK, Australia , South Korea , Japan, Taiwan , etc

Do they really work ?

From our Many Years Experience with Green Tech in India , we can Confirm that It Works 100 %. Green Tech Fuel Saving Devices have been Tried & Tested in all types of Vehicles , Equipment & Machinery in the Automotive , Transport, Mining , Construction , Manufacturing , Hospitality Sectors in India and the Performance has been Excellent ( At 99 % ) and has Exceeded the Standards specified for each Model by the Manufacturer , Moletech International .

What is the Product Range and the Performance level ?

  • 2 /3 Wheelers - Bike / Scooter / Auto Rikshaw - Up to 20 %.
  • Cars and vehicles performance
    1. Passenger Cars – Petrol – Up to 20 %
      Passenger Cars – Diesel - Up to 15 %
      Passenger Cars - LPG - Up to 25 %
  • Light Trucks / Buses Performance
    1. Light Trucks / Buses - Diesel – Up to 15 %.
      Light Trucks / Buses – LPG – Up to 20 %
  • Heavy Trucks / Buses / Machines Performance
    1. Heavy Trucks / Buses / Machines - Up to 8 %.
*** This has been Practically Achieved in India.

How can we Prove the Performance to our Clients ?

Establishing the Mileage / Fuel Consumption Before & After Installing the Device is the Main Criteria. We have Developed Simple Testing Procedures for each Product / Vehicle / Machine Category. Our Technical Team will Train you on all these aspects. For Major Clients , we will Monitor the Trial Process directly and Provide you with the Summary / Results for Discussions with your Client.

What are the Advantages & Disadvantages ?


  • Enhances the BHP of the Vehicle / Machine Engine.
  • Gives up to 20 % more Mileage or Fuel Savings.
  • Reduces Exhaust Emissions by 50 to 80 % .
  • Improves Engine Performance and lowers Maintenance Costs.
  • Very Easy To Install and is Very Safe to Use.
  • Has a long life of 10 years.
  • Totally Trouble & Maintenance Free.

Dis Advantages

Nil - With our Deep Knowledge , Experience and Expertise in Energy Saving in The Automotive , Transport , Mining , Construction , Manufacturing , Industrial Sectors we guide the Client Correctly on the Usage / Application and What to Expect / What to Commit to Clients in terms of Fuel Savings. Hence , we have not faced any Problems with Green Tech Quality or Performance till date.

How can it be Fixed or Installed in Vehicles ?

Just Drop or Place in the Tank through the Fuel Filler Inlet. Cars / SUVs with Anti – Siphoning device , it can be Installed by putting in the Tank from below the Vehicle by Dismantling the Pipe Flexible Joint . Alternately , it can be placed in the tank by removing the Fuel Pump fitted under the back seat of the car.

Will it Create any Sound or Vibration in the Fuel Tank ?

No. The Weight , Size , Shape have been developed in such a way that it remains at the bottom of the Tank always. And also it remains immersed in the fuel with fuel passing through the device. Only Choose the Right Model based on the Vehicle / Machine , Application and the Tank Size.

How can we take out the Device from the Fuel Tank ?

For 2 Wheelers by just tilting the Vehicle. All Tanks are detachable - can be removed - and tilted to take out the Device.

Is there any Warranty for the device ?

Yes. We are giving a 1 year Warranty which covers any Manufacturing defects or Performance related issues. All Claims for FOC Replacement have to Substantiated with Documentary Proof & Evidence of Causes for Failure.

What is the R O I for the Product / Investment for the Client ?

It is approximately 4 to 5 Months in most of the Applications and Business Categories. It means that your Client or User can get back his Initial Cost / Investment in 4 to 5 Months. He will then Continue to get the Fuel Cost Benefits for a Period of 10 Years which is Substantial.